Where does my business or job stand when it comes to Coronavirus?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Firstly, let me get my personal opinion out of the way..... the Coronavirus hype is getting too far out of control. It is this unnecessary hype that is going to cause our economy detrimental issues. Businesses are already being closed down, employees are out of work or on unpaid leave.... Let's get some perspective. More people will die each day from the common flu, cancer, suicide, murder.

I feel ok putting my opinion out there as I have a rare primary immune disease.... aka I'm the rare person it could kill. So if I'm no more worried about this compared to normal flu season.... than nor should you be. What I would love to see from here on in is society taking their colds and flu's seriously all year round so people like me can have less anxiety on a daily basis!

With that said as a business owner or an employee you will no doubt have questions about what happens to me or to my business under a bucket load of scenarios.

Click here to read a press release from the Fair Work.

It covers:

Click here to read a Fair Work fact sheet on what to do during natural disasters and emergencies. These principles would apply during the Coronavirus outbreak if you were forced to shut down temporarily. It covers things about employee pay if the employee can not work or the business needs to close down temporarily.

My Hot (but commonsense) Tips:

  1. Grab your self some hand sanitiser for the office. Put it on your desk to use when you return from the bathroom or after you shook someone's hand.

  2. Ask your clients to use the sanitiser on entry to your business. Particularly important in group settings.

  3. Ask people to stay home if unwell.

  4. Support your employees to work from home if that is an option.

  5. Work with your IT people on how you and your team could operate the business from home. Having a BCP (business continuity plan) is crucial in everyday business. Natural disasters are something all businesses should hypothesise. Coronavirus is effectively that.

  6. Reschedule clients if you have a cold and stay away from the vulnerable (babies, oldies, and people with respiratory and immune diseases).

  7. Sneeze into your elbow. Or if it is your hands, sanitise straight away.

  8. Order your groceries on line (the supermarket is the quickest place to pick up a bug).

  9. Don't put your hand on the escalator rail if possible.

  10. Wear a mask if you are sick and "need" to be around people (i.e. on a plane, the bus a train, a family birthday party).

  11. Wear a mask if you are not sick and want to stay well.

  12. Stop judging those that wear masks routinely! (I'm going to invent a range that says "It's not me, it's you!").

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