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Does having people frustrations have to be a part of having my business?

Well, yes…..but, we can help you reduce them, by understanding you and aligning your people selection and culture to you.

How can your team make you happy most of the time if they are unaware of what excites you and disappoints or even frustrates you, the business owner(s)?

Your business is based on your vision and talent, so we profile team members (existing or potential) and set up the culture around YOU! We help you understand yourself better, and what you need and don’t need in your culture to bring life to your business vision. AND take the first step towards removing the people headaches in your business! 

Firstly by profiling you and identifying:

  • your strengths and your traits.

  • what makes you tick.

  • what frustrates you. 

  • what you don't need in your business. 


We can help you understand what you need, and what you need in your team members.

Following up with an interview and optional team workshop we can:

  • identify what excites you and frustrates you in your team members, and work activities, and

  • create a set of principles your team (or team to be!) agrees to work to.


This set of principles will:

  1. Clarify expectations and allow you to hold each other accountable.

  2. Become a simple lead-in to have conversations on performance issues.

  3. Give a benchmark to recruit against using our Culture Shaper profiling system to ensure we recruit a candidate that measures up against the defined standards, principles and metrics.

And, you are on your way to developing a high-performing team so your business can go from strength to strength!

An example offering of ours covers:


A two-hour interview with the business owner(s) + two profile tests + a written profile review + a team workshop + a 1 page set of principles and personal feedback from a Neuroscience, HR, and Growth Mindset Coach.

This could be the best investment you make in helping your team hum. The full package is $1,900 + GST.

OR you can start with the profiling to understand yourself, and see where to go from there! 


Get in touch with Loren for a customised quote on 0419 606 813 or

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