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Already started your business? Or been in the game a while?

Some established businesses come to us because they:

  • Need help with their people, culture and compliance obligations

    • Want help recruiting the right people, getting the right contracts in place, and help with the Fair Work rabbit warren of information overload!

    • Looking forward to the day you can get your business culture humming and your team just keep getting better and better?

    • Do you want a strong culture aligned to you that supports how your business runs and aligns the people you bring into it?

    • You’ve heard of high-performing teams – want to know how to increase your chances of getting one?

    • Are frustrated by relentlessly having to engage and motivate their staff, or sort out people squabbles.

    • Know they could get more out of their staff but aren’t sure how to.

    • Need help with all things compliance (HR, WHS, Fair Work etc). If you would like to buy our Compliance Self Review Questionnaire - get in touch with us here

    • Are being interrogated by Fair Work, Workplace Health & Safety Inspectors, Work Cover and the like.

  • Want to improve their profitability or systems and processes to work smarter not harder:

    • Are you thinking there must be a better way of doing something!?! Perhaps an app or electronic system or software to make life better for the team or client!

    • Have grown so fast that their back-office has fallen apart and they feel like they are chasing their tail and things are getting out of control.

    • Have the tax man chasing them.

    • Are no longer making a profit or seem to be working harder to make the same.

    • Have suffered some form of disaster – health/accident-related or even a natural disaster and they are looking to us to help steady the ship and get everything back in order.

    • Want help finding some real $ savings and developing ways to boost productivity.

  • Want a second set of eyes to do a once over on their business or help with strategy and business planning:

    • Need us to conduct a business health check to make sure that there are no hidden time bombs ticking away or ways it improve!

    • Want to see if they are charging enough for their product / service and making the profit they deserve.

    • Want help to grow and diversify their business either geographically or through generating different income streams when they were not sure how to go about it.

    • Are need help to sleep better at night knowing they are meeting their compliance obligations (Fair Work, Work Cover, Workplace Health & Safety). Ensuring that compliance is achieved in such a way that it actually adds value to the business rather than being a burden of extra paperwork slowing down $ making


Scroll down to see a list of our services. And click on one to read the detail!


Services: List

Workplace Health & Safety



Do you need to review and evolve your business plan? Do you know what your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats are? Are you looking to grow your business? We can workshop with you the current state of your business and help you to assess the viability of growth through areas such as:

  • Changing or increasing the types products and services you provide

  • Generating extra sales

  • Geographic expansion

  • Economies of Scale (doing things more efficiently to reduce the average cost of selling)

  • Managing growth effectively so you don't lose control

In a few hours we can map out with you an A3 Page Road Map for your business showing you where it is now, where you want it to be and what Action Items are required to make it happen!

We can cover everything from marketing to operations, human resources, WHS, technology, client needs, products, prices, profit and loss forecasts..... the list goes on and on! 


Do you have an electronic filing system for every single thing in your business?

Is this system easy to navigate and replicable?

Can everyone in the team put their hands (within seconds!) on any file at any time from anywhere in the world?

Sick and tired of piles of paper?

Do you find yourself wasting time going back to the office to get a document, a quote, an invoice, a receipt?

Is your document management system (DMS) as easy to navigate and use that it feels as intuitive as navigating a kitchen and kitchen draws of a home? AND without any instruction from anyone else? 

Are you stuck in a business where everyone has their own filing convention? So if they are away finding files can be a bit of torture? 

At Sync or Swim we believe a businesses filing system should be as simple to navigate as kitchen draws. It should be intuitive, it should allow anyone to come and go, it should be centric around the client and the business operations and not the people in it! And, you should be able to access it from anywhere in the world! 

Sync or Swim are specialists at finding ways to work smarter, not harder! We can enable you to be paperless and to be able to have everything at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.... anywhere in the world! 

Read more about our different techniques: 


Are you stuck using many paper-based forms? 

Are you keeping your customer or employee information in a notebook, spreadsheet, filing cabinet? 
Do you want to make your processes electronic? Mobile friendly? Cloud accessible? 

Do you want to be able to have forms completed by clients in their own time? On their mobile phones? Including signatures?
Would you like to be able to get them done anywhere in the world while you are on the road? 
Electronic signatures, radio buttons, drop-down lists, tick boxes, formulas - all these things can eradicate the chance for human error! 
Do you want your own custom-built software that houses everything and is accessible via the web and mobile App? e.g. your Customer Info, to your Employee Stuff (think Emergency Contacts, Birthdays, Assets assigned, whatever etc), any forms your clients or workers need to populate, your upcoming projects, ANYTHING!

Do you want snazzy systems that send people text message reminders, email reminders, or things automated so your team don't need to do them? 

If you can dream it, we can build it! 


Do you need to issue a survey to clients, your employees, your contractors? 
Do you want to make a questionnaire for new clients to populate? 
Maybe an employee engagement survey? 
Perhaps a customer feedback form?
We use a variety of software and tools to help automate this, including the collection of responses and data analysis and reportings capability. We can allow for anonymity if needed, file/document uploads, if this then that style decision trees etc etc. 
You name it, we can build it!


Sync or Swim provide the full suite of HR, Recruitment & Culture Services. We are different to HR Consultancies & Recruitment Agencies and our customers attest that is for the better!

As our client, you can opt into or out of each and every one of our service offerings. And, you can ask to be coached on the task/activity so that you can soak up our knowledge and then do away with us and confidently own all HR and recruitment responsibilities in-house. Or you can simply outsource it completely if you have better things to do

We charge an hourly rate or a fixed quote rated, depending on the task.

With recruitment, we never charge %'s of salary's or commissions, and we don't churn and burn applicants that are not suitable. In fact, we intentionally don't hold a "candidate database" like recruiters.... because simply put, we aren't interested in shopping applicants from one business to the next. This is because we usually end up having a relationship with our clients for other business services, and we don't want to harm that! So we must get the HR & Recruitment stuff done right, or you won't use us for anything else! 

We make sure we get to know your business, truly know it. We make sure we know or have experienced the culture, so we know who will fit. We are pleased to report we have an impeccable strike rate on choosing the right person.

Plus, our ability to help you write the position description, job advert, and employment contract to Fair Work standards and Modern Awards, means we can hold your hand or execute on your behalf from start to finish.

We ensure you not only end up with the right person, but you are compliant at the same time. 

Keep reading below about our "Culture Recruitment" which is HOW we achieve impeccable results!

When it comes to the "HR" side of things, we help our clients manage people performance (to Fair Work requirements), create an organisational structure to suit their business, design their business and people strategy, help with policies and procedures and anything else people based you can think of!

If you want to ask some existing clients about their experience with our services, just let us know, we can set up a chat!


Culture Shaping to Refine Recruitment Success

  • Culture Shaping underpins team dynamics and business performance by going one step deeper in your people alignment & development strategy to measure the fit of your employees to your culture. Culture Shaping gives you a current snapshot that will show you the shape and health of your culture.

  • Culture Shaping is about defining a 43 attribute profile for the business, management level, team, or role that can be used for;

    • recruiting - to define candidate fit to ‘the way we do it’ around here

    • development priorities – identifying where our employees/teams development priorities are, and

    • auditing– seeing how far we are from where we want to be culturally.


Based largely around who the owners/management team are and the nature of the industry, business & role, this process measures team and culture attributes to become a refinable measurement of culture. Give your business that ‘unfair advantage’ to get ahead!

How are we using this in the recruitment process?
We take all the normal steps in recruitment like reading applications and having a phone interview to determine promise for a face-to-face interview, but NOT until we have determined a culture profile for the role or team that helps identify the nuances of 43 different attributes that are unique to your role and your business. This then informs the recruitment conversations and sets up a profile test that can be conducted prior to the interview to highlight cultural fit. This identifies areas of conversation that can help guide your questioning and hasten your process of getting to know your applicants and picking your potential employees. 
To develop the profiles we commence with an interview with you to share the concept and find out your business needs. We then run the appropriate level team/role workshop to identify the characteristics of the 43 characteristics that will become the profile we work to. 

We then recruit against these profiles to ensure we are refining the fit of future employees to the company culture, and they can be used as the reference for personal and team development opportunities.

This fits neatly into any existing frameworks and measurement systems you have in place or want us to build reducing combined effort and creating measurable clarity. 

Culture Shaper really underpins developing a high performing team so your business can get into the flow of a high-performing team!

An example culture recruitment engagement could be: 
Setup: A one hour interview + a 2 hr team workshop + three profile tests with Neuroscience and Growth Mindset Coach - $1,000+GST

Recruitment: once set up – each profile is $70+GST/shortlisted applicant on top of our recruitment offering – which is based on time devoted rather than a percentage of salary cost (mainstream recruiters charge - up to 19% of salary!). 

This could be the best investment you make in helping your team learn and refine the important success elements of each employee, to keep improving your hiring success and your team dynamics.

This is the best new tool in culture measurement and management, and we work closely with the developers to understand it, to assist you.

Keep in mind the time and money lost when you pick and put on the wrong person! This system can help save you from that. Invest a small amount of time and money up front to save a bucketload down the track! 


Culture - not just important anymore – now designable!

What is a healthy culture and why would I need one?

Are you growing a culture by choice or succumbing to a culture born from luck and neglect?

Research by Drake International has also found that 87 per cent of job failures occur because the person did not suit the organisational culture, rather than limitations in their skills or experience.

So what do you do about culture? Do you follow the latest policy hoping that will be the magic pill? Diversity, for example. Diversity in a workplace is beneficial we know, so we now recruit more widely, however, it is not an answer in itself. We still need to ensure some aligned values within the team to help the teamwork toward the common goal of your business success. We aim to ensure the culture is healthy by;

  • Encouraging diversity and contribution and ensuring we are respectful of everyone in it,

  • Supporting innovation and risk-taking to ensure progress, not at the expense of the risk profile of the business,

  • "Walking the talk", to quote a ’90’s phrase,

  • Providing stability, and

  • Supporting and nurturing our employees to be their best.


But how, within your team’s cacophony of different talents, backgrounds, experiences, trends, business goals & demands, and personalities do you make changes in the culture that are measurable and effective, and build a more definable and discernible culture that becomes the centrepiece of your business success?

Loren said in her article “The cost of poor recruitment in your business” Feb 16, under The Way Forward: “Whatever you do, don’t forget to measure your candidate’s qualities against your business values and vision to get a good cultural fit”. At the time she was suggesting a purely manual process of assessment to the elements you knew of your culture.

Knowing culture’s importance was one thing, and becoming aware and considering it was our level of maturity at the time. However, now we have a great new tool we deploy from Culture Shaper. Culture Shaper will give you a snapshot of your cultures’ shape and maturity, and a measurement system to improve it over time. Culture Shaper reviews your company through a new lens, supplying a comprehensive framework of 43 culture elements that are measurable and traceable to ensure progress toward the important success elements for your business, team or role.

It is early days for us at Sync or Swim, but our early adopter businesses using this for hiring are finding they are bringing on people they may not have been sure of without the profile, who are fitting in - belonging and performing in the team at encouraging speeds.

With the profile you get a high-level assessment of the candidates fit on 3 cultural groupings; belonging, climate, and performance to roll up to an overall suitability score. The elements are infused with some personality traits to make the assessment even more robust and relatable.

And as mentioned the profile can also be used for development discussions and general audits for cultural improvements.

Give your business an unfair advantage, and cut the cost and performance impacts associated with less than ideal hires, and get yourself a kick-arse culture by default!

An example of culture design could be:

Setup: A one hour interview + a 2 hr team workshop + three baseline profiles and tests with Neuroscience and Growth Mindset Coach - $1,000 + GST

Once set up – each profile is $70/per person

You can use the profiles for recruitment purposes (see above) OR to identify development needs or do an audit of where the team is now to help you strategise your next culture steps.

This is the best new tool in culture measurement and management, and we work closely with the developers to understand it, to assist you.


Sync or Swim provide an independent review of your WHS Systems and we make sure we make it add value....not just another tick and flick task!

We have a reputation these days for Making Safety Sexy! 
Do you understand all of this jargon -  "WHS System", "WHS Manual", "WHS Forms", "Registers", "Checklists", "SWMS/JSA's/WMS", "Incident Reporting" ???
Are you consulting routinely and regulalry with your workers (employes AND subbies/contractors) on WHS improvements, initiatives, and the like? 
Do you have an emergency plan? 
Do you have an Induction Programme for your workers to demonstrate the training that is needed to meet safety requirements? 
Are you able to run your whole WHS Safety System in the field if you work offsite? And is it all syncronising back to the office in real time? 
Are you aware of the fines, potential gaol time and consequences of not being able to prove you have an actively working system? 
Have you had accidents in the workplace and put in place changed training, systems, processes and the like to ensure it doesn't happen again?
Do you need to be aligned or accredited to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System International Standards AS/NZS 4801? 
If any of these questions confuse or worry you, then it is best you pick up the phone and talk to us about what you need!


Sync or Swim can provide Food Safety & Quality insight to help you gain certification and generally improve your operations.

Danielle in our team is a qualified Food Safety & Quality Consultant with a Bachelor of Applied Science (including Food Science & Technology along with a Bachelor of Management). Danielle has over 12 years experience in the food manufacturing industry, and can provide your business with the following services:

  • A food safety plan to meet the requirements of your local council food business registration.

  • A HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) based food safety program to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies such as PrimeSafe and the Department of Agriculture

  • Safety plans to meet internationally renowned GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards. This includes the likes of SQF & BRC requirements.  

  • Danielle has assisted businesses to meet the various customer & supplier requirements for the likes of Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, along with smaller business needs such as childcare providers. 

  • A gap analysis or audit of an existing food safety plan that is already in place. This may include a walk through of your business site or plant; a review of existing documentation and the like. 

Having a third party review of an existing system can help you to determine any gaps prior to your expensive certification audit (saves you money in getting the auditor back time and again to rectify any problems they find).

And if you are lacking in a system at all, then Danielle can hold your hand to help you get one in place! 

We are big believers in productive business at Sync or Swim but also bigger believers in safety and quality control. So don't hesitate to get in touch for an opinion on what you do or do not have in place!



There is a good chance you may need to become audited and certified to an industry or internal set of standards. 

This can be pretty bloody daunting! We are here to help you assess what your gaps are and what you need to do in order to be ready for the audit!

We can also help you get "aligned" to an ISO standard.... i.e. set your business up so that you can tick the boxes on your tender forms to say you are aligned to ISO.... because you are after our help! But don't go all the way through with the full-blown audit! 


Do you need an independent health check on your business?

Do things not add up or make sense? Money coming in but no profit to show?

Do you think you could work smarter?

Are you losing sleep at night worrying about things in your business? 

Are you concerned a member of your team might not be performing in their role.... at all?

Sync or Swim have been referred to as many things over the years, here are a few: 

  • Business Doctor - like a doctor we ask enough questions to help you diagnose your problems and opportunities!

  • SOS CSI - whilst a crime may not have been committed, we are very good at scanning your premises from top to bottom and finding the holes, weaknesses, opportunities and sometimes we do suprisingly accidentally uncover fraud or negligence! And... sometimes clients do come to us because they believe there is serious negligence taking place in a role and they want a second opinion!

  • Nanny McPhee - classic kids movie and character who enters your life, and turns everything ugly into something beautiful and then leaves you with a better life :-)

We have been used by boards, committees, private companies, NFPO's and the like to help uncover mysteries, clean up messes, investigate issues, implement quick win improvements.


Sometimes you are too deep in your business you need an outsider's perspective to help you articulate your business, its point of difference and the value it brings. Sync or Swim have a very unique way of helping businesses build the right language and piles of content for their marketing needs.

Do you have a useful marketing plan in place? 
Do you truly understand what your product or service is and how it adds value to the client?
Do you know the language your customer uses to describe your business and the things they love about it?
Do you know your point of difference to your competitors? And is that difference compelling? 
Does your marketing material have content that is written at the street level, with no jargon and easily connects to the potential customer reading it? Is it emotionally binding for the client? Does it make them understand who you are and does it make them want to work with you? 
Do you understand your brand? Do your people understand your brand and are they an extension of that brand? 
Do you have the right social media assets in place for your business? Do you know how to use them? When it is best to post? What content to post and what not to post? Is it driving traffic to your website and to get in contact with you? 
Do you have a need for copywriting - for example brochure content; website content; blogging content; newspaper articles; editorials etc.


You dream it and we can build it and it will be so sophisticated it will blow you away!!

Do you have a smart set of automated reporting for your business?
Would you like a quoting tool built?
Financial Reports? Productivity Reports? Operational Reports? 
Do you have a dashboard that lets you know how you are preforming? 
Are you using any spreadsheets but they are all a bit manual, clunky, and not automated? 
Would you like your spreadsheets automated using questions and answers, drop down boxes, automated formulas and the like?  
Would you like your payroll data imported into your accounting software?


Yep - you read it right. We remote log into many of our clients computers to help them with everything from why their keyboard isn't working through to fixing a printer connection, setting up their emails, creating a kick-arse formula in excel or formatting a word document. 
If there is any kind of problem you are facing on your computer or with your technology we can normally help you! And, we can often do it with no notice.... you never know your luck. Just call!


Do you need a hand building a website? Or refinind the one you have?
Perhaps the language in your existing site doesn't hit the mark for your customer? And you need a hand making it connect with them better. 
Or perhaps you need an e-commerce website? 
Do you understand all the techo language that goes with building a website? e.g. sliders, tags, payment facilities, social sharing and the like. 
Do you want something that suits your business and client needs that isn't overkill, is affordable, and is easy for someone in your team to self-manage?
We can assist you with building your website or training someone in your team on how to! 
And, better still, we can write great content to suit your target customer.

Business Plan
Website Build
Paperless Office
Form Development
Survey & Questionnaires
HR & Recruitment
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