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For over 9 years we have been referring our clients, their team members and our ​friends, all over Australia, to Gamze for counselling, or as we like to call it - Mind Architecture! 

Gamze has a refreshing approach (as her practice name Fresh Conversations, suggests) and thrives on helping people find solutions to the things that might be getting them down and holding them back.

She has worked with individuals, couples and families struggling with varied issues. And based on the feedback we've had so far, she has incredible experience with supporting: 

  • Business owners. Because guess what? She is one!! Besides Fresh Conversations, Gamze owns Hidden Wonders (click to get your travel tease) a boutique Private Tour Agency that curates incredible tours throughout Turkey. So she really understands the stress business can bring into personal life, especially the disappointing troubles that COVID brings!

  • Team members living with workplace stress and anxiety. Gamze has effectively become our go to person for EAP (employee assistance program) for several of our clients and their team members across Australia. 

  • Relationships. All of them! Gamze also works with Relationships Australia and has for 6+ Years. Her breadth of knowledge and experience in supporting "relationships" is, well, second to none based on our client's feedback. 

  • People living with chronic health issues (including rare disease). Gamze has been supporting Loren of Sync or Swim to function and find the humour in her 24/7 battle with multiple rare and life-threatening diseases! 

  • People who have experienced trauma and/or living with PTSD. Interestingly several of our clients, Loren included, didn't even know this was part of their lived experience. What an eye-opener. And the first step to a more purposeful and better life! 

  • Gamze also has extensive experience supporting people of diverse bodies, genders, religious beliefs and cultures. 

She has 7 years of university qualifications behind her, including a Master of Counselling from the University of Queensland. She is dedicated to continuous learning, professional and personal development. 

Confidentiality is key to both Sync or Swim and Gamze's success. Gamze does not involve us or divulge any information to us. However, it is always an option to speak with Loren first to get the inside take on Gamze and for Loren to do a quick handover to Gamze. Many like Loren to help by 'ripping the bandaid off' a few things to help get the process started with Gamze. So, how you want to get started is up to you.

Click here to see the booking options of going to Gamze direct versus Loren for initial help or a handover!

We asked a few of our clients what they love about Gamze.



Gamze's fees are $110/hour and over Zoom is preferred. If face to face is desired then get in touch to discuss some options. Gamze usually dedicates Monday's 9 am - 11 am and Wednesday's 8 pm - 10 pm to our Sync or Swim clients, family and friends. 


This is a professional service offering and is not eligible for Private Health or Medicare rebates.  

Sync or Swim does not receive a referral fee or any kickbacks. The time we put into this is our community initiative. 


If you are ready to get cracking with Gamze, then click Email Gamze.


This will take you to an email direct to Gamze's inbox.

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If you'd like to learn more about Gamze, get Loren's help first up, or get Loren to handover your situation to Gamze, then click Email Loren.

That will take you to an email direct to Loren's inbox. 

Smiling Woman

I like that she is not a ‘how does that make you feel’ counsellor! 


She is a straight shooter and tells you how it is - good, bad and ugly. 

Sitting on Grass

Gamze has the ability to make you see a completely different perspective on topics.

AND I love that we can meet in person, just chat on the phone, or have a zoom, depending on how I'm feeling. 

Man with Headphones

Gamze found nuggets inside me that I didn't even know I had!


And once they were identified and set free, I just felt a huge sense of relief. 

Online meeting

All of the things that you want in a counsellor that you are sharing your private thoughts with.

Writing a Diary

I like the little diagrams to explain things and then she sends them to me when we are done.


She is so practical. And finds ways to help you connect all the dots.   

On a Video Call

100% of her clients are referred. Given she doesn't even need a website presence that made me comfortable she's the real deal! You don't need to meet in real life if you'd prefer FaceTime. I'm time poor and interstate so that works for me!

It's all about finding a good counsellor and thank goodness I persevered until I found Gamze. It is a relief to find someone who is easy to connect with, and finally, feel safe to unravel what is going on in your head! 

Digital Nomad

She recommends books, audiobooks, pages to listen to and read up on to complement the counselling and help you fast track if you want that!  

Her compassion and making you feel safe to speak honestly. 

She has this ability to allow yourself to grieve & understand a topic rather than brush it off.

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