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We are here to help.

At Sync or Swim, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our clients are referred.

We consider that this is because our client's know that our passion is to help. 

We would prefer to get the job done and done so well that you don't actually need us anymore. Or, if you do it is for something completely unrelated or because you'd rather stick to your core strengths! 

We aim to set you up to be self sufficient in everything that you do. If we can do this, we can walk away more than satisfied!


“At Sync or Swim, we are DOERS”

Our proven, reliable and qualified team have spent years building and honing our skills in all the right areas, and we are able to use this knowledge base to find the best solutions for you and your business.

Our intention is to connect with you on a personal level, assess your individual business situation, and work with you to fix problems, implement solutions and grow your business - NOT to baffle you with words.

We actually get things done! 

DOERS vs TALKERS - we help you get stuff done!


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“At Sync or Swim, we CUSTOMISE.”

We offer unique solutions customised for your business.

Without being properly introduced to your business, its operations and way of doing things it is not possible to effectively assist your business achieve its goals. However, so often we are engaged by clients who have previously been sold a template "ready-made" system, tool, or procedure to find that it cannot simply be "cut and pasted" into the business whilst at the same time being effective and beneficial to the business.

The good old 'here is one we prepared earlier'...cookie cutter approach doesn't work! 

We like to get to know you, and your way of doing business, so that you get something that works for you the first time around.

We understand that not all people and businesses are the same!


“At Sync or Swim, we GIVE you long term solutions.”

We always follow through!

You don't want to buy or implement something that is almost how you do things!

You want the peace of mind to know that your new flashy tool, system, process, document or way of doing things is actually tailored to work for you and your business and be usable from the outset. No mods, no improvements, no 20% that won't get used. We won't give you a "cookie-cutter" approach that other coaches and consultants give our industry a bad rep for!

We will build it how YOU want it. And, we will use our business smarts with your industry expertise to make it better than you could expect.

Don't you think that the best service should be no service?...when you pay for something it should work from the beginning and you should know how to use it. You should not be dependent on someone outside your business and have to pay monthly or annual fees on something that you could be trained to do yourself! You should be set up to succeed in the first place!

GIVERS vs TAKERS - we are here to give you what you need.

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