Your Success Is Our Business!



You Are Unique.

At Sync or Swim we live and breathe our vision that Your Success is our Business! 


"Nothing is more rewarding than helping every day people achieve their goals. Lucky for me I get to do this on a daily basis."  - Loren Downing, Director at Sync or Swim

We pride ourselves on offering unique solutions that are specifically tailored to you or your business. 

Our down to earth, relaxed, no nonsense and professional approach has allowed us to see our clients' business dreams become a reality. There is so much that we do.... basically we do everything except for your trade! 

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Every problem or opportunity has a solution!



We help new startups and established businesses. Our online courses are geared to help those who like self help or are on a budget. They spit out all of our knowledge from helping business throughout our 20 years experience in coaching and consulting to business! 80% of running a successful business is generic, 20% is your specific personalised touch and customisation! 

We are currently at capacity with helping clients face to face. But please enquire about our waiting list. 


Our years of supporting business owners with their recruitment and people performance means we are guru's at supporting the employee through their career!


Our online courses are geared to help you market yourself to get the next gig you are after! We also have some to help you navigate performance management, pay and Fair Work issues. 

Our one on one coaching is currently fully booked. But please enquire about our waiting list. 


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We believe every problem or opportunity has a solution! And, we have a history of solving basically anything! From a broken keyboard through to a strategic plan for your business!

Upcoming Events

  • How do I best market myself on a Resume or CV?
    21 Jan, 12:40 pm – 1:55 pm AEST
    We tell you all the secrets from the recruiters perspective! So many quick, simple tips that you can apply to get noticed when you next apply for a job!
  • How do I look like the winning candidate in a Job Interview?
    21 Jan, 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm AEST
    It is so easy to stand out in a job interview! We have lost count how many interviews we have conducted and we want to tell you how to kick arse on the day.
  • How do I pick the right person to join my team?
    21 Jan, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm AEST
    Having bad luck picking the right people to join your team? Want to know how to advertise, then sift through resumes, and then conduct effective interviews to get a hole in one?


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